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'Pure Light' Bundle is Over

Our 3rd bundle in a row was a 'light' to your computer screen.

'Pure Light' Bundle started on March 7, 2014, sold 1879 copies and we have once again tried to do our best. We're still trying to learn and get better so it also is a learning in process and we'll now take a few weeks off to make some changes to our bundle and come back in a big way.

In the bundle run time we also made our website much faster to all of you and we hope you love it.

Now, let's talk about prizes for TOP contributors and for 1 in every 500 buyers as mentioned on our bundle page. We have contacted all of the winners and you can see the list below. We have very strict policy for personal information and we asked every winner what personal information they give us permisson to show.

TOP Contributors:
1st waiting for reply, 2nd David Hickert, 3rd waiting for reply

1 in every 500 buyers:
Anonymous, Mac, Anonymous

Every buyer's e-mail address was added to our 'Green List' where you'll be informed about what game got Greenlit and receive Steam key as special bonus. You can check that e-mail in your inbox, it should be there. Of course, we don't want to spam those e-mails so the best solution for you is to follow us on Twitter and/or like us on FaceBook to stay informed as much as possible.

We're 100% sure keys for the bundle games were already sent to all of the buyers. In case you didn't get them please contact us with your transaction ID and we'll send you the sent e-mail once again.