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'Moon Landing' Bundle is Over

Another two amazing weeks are behind us and we hope we're getting better and better.

Our 2nd bundle called 'Moon Landing' Bundle started on February 13, 2014 and everyone could see we're taking our spot in a big way. We're still trying to learn and get better so it also is a learning in process but as we could see bundle competitors started to take us seriously and are trying to compete with us. Don't worry guys, we have couple of things up our sleeves what no other bundle page has and you'll be very excited about that. In the mean time keep checking us because there's a new kickass bundle just around the corner.

In fact, we once again loved the support from you guys. We kept getting e-mails how great the bundle is and how awesome the website is, it's very nice to read and it made us feel very good. We're very proud of these e-mails and we think it's spectacular to change the key elements of page design for every bundle. No other bundle page does that which is in fact great for us because we want to be better in everything and we won't stop until we are.

Another thing – the bundle price. $1.99 is the lowest bundle price for this amount of games you can find on the Internet! You know why guys? Becuase it's about the experience, it's about making every player happy, it's not about money. When we look at our competitors with prices like $5, $10, $15 it does our heads in. We want to stand out and show them how it's done. We know that we might upset some of our buyers who bought our bundle for $3.99 and not the 50% OFF price. When you look all over the Internet your can see many discounts and it's a normal thing. But. We care about you so much and we're able to look at it from your perspective and understand you so we're now thinking about what special gift we'll give to every buyer who bought the bundle before it went 50% OFF. We know that we had to do it the other way – first 50% OFF for let's say 48 hours and then full price. Like we said, it's learning in process and we want to get better.

Now, let's talk about prizes for TOP contributors and for 1 in every 500 buyers as mentioned on our bundle page. We have contacted all of the winners and you can see the list below. We have very strict policy for personal information and we asked every winner what personal information they give us permisson to show.

TOP Contributors:
1st Anonymous
2nd Lily M.
3rd Brandon Schinzel

1 in every 500 buyers:
$15 for (waiting for the response)
$10 for Greener_JP (waiting for 2 responses)

Every buyer's e-mail address was added to our 'Green List' where you'll be informed about what game got Greenlit and receive Steam key as special bonus. You can check that e-mail in your inbox, it should be there. Of course, we don't want to spam those e-mails so the best solution for you is to follow us on Twitter and/or like us on FaceBook to stay informed as much as possible.

We're 100% sure keys for the bundle games were already sent to all of the buyers. In case you didn't get them please contact us with your transaction ID and we'll send you the sent e-mail once again.