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Bundle, bundled, bundling

This is the way how you start the year! Past two weeks were total blast off and we want to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

Our bundle started on January 10, 2014 and its name 'Starting 2014 Like a Boss' Bundle showed right-a-way how's it going to be. Demand was so huge that our servers were working at full spin. In first 7 hours there was nearly 9 thousand people who visited our website and that was just the beginning. Before the bundle started we told ourselves it'll be pretty sweet if we've sold about 1600 bundles. One of our server penguins, Tim, told us the other day that looking at the graphs of people coming to the webiste was making him very happy and he wants to thank you too. Community showed us you guys really love great games and there was 3285 bundles sold which is crazy!

We were more than excited to hear positive feedback from many of you. You were writing us e-mails about how amazing the bundle is, how you love the website and that it would be great if we did another bundle in the future. 15 high quality games in one bundle for this small price is definitelly one of the greatest deals that has ever been here in bundles history. Among these thank you e-mails were also e-mails with little questions and when we sum these two types of e-mails up it was about 350 e-mails. As we were saying at our website we're here for you and we proved it we really are. People loved the support. Many people who wrote us how amazing the bundle is and how much thankful they are and some of them added one little question were surprised how fast we have replied to their e-mail. We really did our best becuase we do understand the real value of the support.

Lets's get to some statistics. People from 131 countries came to our bundle page from 860 cities from all over the world. First place in number of unique visitors goes to United States, second goes to Germany and third to United Kingdom. All people spent more than 285,000 minutes at our website which is, when you want to do the maths, more than 197 days! Looking at statistics makes us very excited and we love them.

We wanted to give something even more to the community of great players and we created a few giveaways. The biggest giveaway time was with no doubt at SteamGifts where we gave away 65 copies of the bundle receiving 40,075 entries and 2,326 kind thank you comments which we want to thank you for so much! It's been amazing!

Now, let's talk about prizes for TOP contributors and for 1 in every 500 buyers as mentioned on our bundle page. We have contacted all of the winners and you can see the list below. We have very strict policy for personal information and we asked every winner what personal information they give us permisson to show.

TOP Contributors:
1st Jian C.
2nd Polly H.
3rd Reko H.

1 in every 500 buyers:
$15 for Anonymous
$10 for Welshy, Anonymous, Sandous, (waiting for 2 responses)

Every buyer's e-mail address was added to our 'Green List' where you'll be informed about what game got Greenlit and receive Steam key as special bonus. You can check that e-mail in your inbox, it should be there. Of course, we don't want to spam those e-mails so the best solution for you is to follow us on Twitter and/or like us on FaceBook to stay informed as much as possible.

We're 100% sure keys for the bundle games were already sent to all of the buyers. In case you didn't get them please contact us with your transaction ID and we'll send you the sent e-mail once again.