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Happy New Year 2014

Last year, 2013, was extraordinary observing many occasions. One of the most interesting which had taken place this year was with no doubt establishing LazyGuysStudio earlier this year.

Growing from the ground isn't easy. It takes lots of different factors which need to be mixed precisely with enough courage to fail but don't give up. We love what we do and our players always mean a world to us. This is like the huge amount of energy flowing our way. Year 2013 was an amazing time when we entered brave world of players as developers and things started in full spin.

We want to make year 2014 as exciting as we'll be able to. Our goal is to release at least one game on which we started to work in 2013. It takes much more time than we expected but we're trying to put our best into this game. We always say there'll be more information coming soon but now we promise this month they'll definitely come.

The last words we've got for you in this blog post are these. We're preparing one very special surprise for you which we'll reveal very soon this month so stay tuned and get excited!