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Flying "Moonrise" Bundle

We're proud and thrilled at a same time to announce you we're part of one of the best bundles on the Internet. Flying "Moonrise" Bundle is on from today, October 31, for 15 days and offers 10 amazing game titles which you can get at amusingly low price. Don't hesitate and get entertained by these games.

Get the Flying "Moonrise" Bundle right now!

FlyingBundle also funds Linux version of our game 'Noire' so for every sold bundle there's a penguin smiling somewehere in the world. You can see the games list below.

$1 Tier:
- Chernobyl Commando (Desura) + Soundtrack
- Noire (Desura)
- Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood (Steam)
- Dinner Date (Steam)
- Mystery game 1

$4 Tier:
- DIVO (Steam + Desura)
- Lightfish (Steam + Desura)
- Rhythm Destruction (Desura + Greenlight) + Soundtrack
- Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre (Steam)
- Mystery game 2